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Wine vintages can vary greatly from region to region in the same year. Every wine vintage reflects the personality of a season - there are no two that are identical. Was it cold, harsh, hot, rainy, dry? When were the grapes (in general) harvested? There are so many factors beyond the regions / appellations, micro climates and varying harvest times (as well as how the wine is made) that can affect wine style and quality. All of these factors vary from vineyard to vineyard so there is never a guarantee so do not assume vintage charts to be a tell-all absolute fact for any one wine region.

Vintage charts are a general guideline, based on varied and CHANGING opinions, as to how the general growing season, harvest and potential wine quality was on the average. In other words there can be great wines from a "poor" vintage year. I like to use a vintage chart mostly when "experimenting" with something new. Imagine a boutique wine on a wine list that you never heard of but it's from a highly ranked vintage year and a great area. I've discovered many wonderful wines this way. Sometimes your best bargain can be a sleeper from a generally rumored "poor" vintage. Bacchus sometimes puts fellow wine geeks to the test! Maybe one wine producer can declare a great vintage where all others cannot due simply to harvesting a few days early... HELLO SLEEPER!

Vintage charts can, however, act as a guide to possibly "mitigate" your risk when delving into the unknown in choosing a wine - it can sometimes lead to finding that unknown, reasonably priced wine gem.

European Wines & California Cabernet Wines - Vintage chart ratings starting as early as 1900 to Present
(research based on multiple online resources. Chart will continue to grow.):

Ratings are from 1 to 5 where 1 is the best. "+" or "-" signs indicate a slightly higher score with "+" and lower score with "-"

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